A screw loose?

My gosh! I have so many tools, way to many tools. I swear I could probably keep the whole neighbourhood with tools 😉

Yepp, I’m not your typical girl when it comes to tools. I love walking around in hardware stores. and I’ve been known to have people come rushing over to me, when I walk in. Just because they think it’s so much fun talking to a girl who has some new project up her sleeve, and actually know what she wants and need 🙂

It’s hard for me to part with tools, but I came across this screwdriver set today, that I believe I have used only once or twice. I have another one I much prefer, and that set I even have two off 😉

Today this unloved screwdriver set was given to a friend of mine, who surely can get more use of it than me.

2014-04-01 19.24.20

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