A Tiny Village

Since 1952 KLM have been handing out Delft Blue Miniature Houses that are replicas of some of the Old Dutch Houses situated along the canals in Amsterdam and other age-old towns in Holland. These are normally given to people that travel in business class.

I’ve been traveling a bit over the years and between me and friends traveling on KLM, I have acquired quite a collection of these houses.

In the name of decluttering, I have decided to downsize this collection a little, I don’t really need them all, and they take up space. So I’m keeping 9 (for now) and giving away the rest.

I have a friend of mine in Houston, and his mother is a big collector of the KLM houses. So guess where my left over houses are going?

YEPP, you’ve guessed it 😉 I’ve packed about half of the give always in my suitcase coming over to Houston, and I’m handing them over today!

So today! 15 Tiny houses goes out-the-door (or out-of-suitcase as it is) 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Tiny Village

  1. I love reading about you getting rid of stuff. It motivates me to keep my eyes peeled for stuff that has outstayed it’s welcome. This week ~ sheets, pillow cases, mugs, soup bowls, frames, prints, plates, mug rack.

    Hope your houses enjoy their new homes!


    1. Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say 🙂

      I must say, I’m impressed! That’s quite a purge you have had this week.

      I’m sure the houses will enjoy their new place. I’ve had some fun with them, and hopefully the new owner will as well.


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