Taxes – and the paper monster!

April is tax time here in Norway. You get all your information drizzling in over a couple of months and by April 30th you better have your taxes done and delivered or hell breaks loose… or does it?

Actually no, it doesn’t, any longer…

You see, Norway started with e-filing quite a few years ago, where you pretty much just had to check, correct and press a button to file your tax return, and you were done. Nice right?

Well, now we have gone even further. Now we don’t have to do anything, absolutely zilch, nada, nope…

You see, the rule is that if you don’t press that button to “file and approve” your tax return, they just assume that you “approve” the numbers the tax authorities have concluded with, and it’s being automatically filed for you… Great yeah? Well, yes it is, IF they have your numbers correct in the system.

And that’s a big IF! Regardless of how automated taxes are becoming, I would always recommend to take an hour or two and check it properly. Check that they have the correct amounts on your pay and deductibles, that they have not forgotten anything or added something that should not be there. They might not know about all the little things about you, make sure you add them. It can pay off, as every little amount can help reduce the final amount of taxes.

So, every year, end of April, I sit down to do my taxes, and at the same time, I start to go through the rest of my paper monster 😉

My taxes don’t yield a lot of paper any more, as most everything is online. And truth be told, the rest of the year don’t yield a lot either. But even though most of my stuff is now online at different institutions, I still seem to manage to hold on to a significant amount of papers anyway. And this year that stops!

I have decided that this is the year to digitize my entire paper pile! Everything that I want/need to keep, that is in paper form, will be scanned over the next few months. And it all starts, today, people. It all starts today 🙂

So what kind of papers have I been holding on to and collected?

  • Tax papers
  • Insurance papers
  • Birth certificates
  • Medical papers
  • Pension information
  • Warranty receipts
  • Work papers
  • Some bills
  • Old letters and postcards
  • Random cut outs from magazines
  • Scraps of papers with all kinds of scribbles on (yes, that would be my scribbles)
  • +++

As you can see from the list, I’m holding on to a lot of paper related stuff (I have a few shelves and boxes full) so you can see how this might take me a while to go through.

My game plan:

Tomorrow I’m going to collect all and I mean ALL the paper I have in my house and put it in a pile or two or ten 🙂 I think there will be a few piles as I’m sure I have way more paper stashed around than I realise.

And thats when the real works starts! I’m going to have to go through everything, and decide what to toss, what to shred, what to scan and what to keep as physical paper.

But… before I can get to the scanning part… I need to get my hands on a half decent two-sided paper scanner, so guess that’s also on my list of things to do.

Stay tuned…. I’ll be posting all about that terrible pile…. yes, soon!! 😉


10 thoughts on “Taxes – and the paper monster!

  1. Happy shredding . . . and scanning!

    One benefit of paper records is that if something happens to me, someone can sift through the piles without trying to figure out my passwords.

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    1. That is true (pw thingy), I will be keeping some stuff in papers, but hopefully most on files. BUT I am planning on making a “in case of… ” document with explanation on what they need to know (incl pw and where to find what they need)… First things first, get the stuff scanned 😉

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    1. I’m used to do a yearly shred every time I do my taxes, but I forgot last year 😦 the paper purge I’ll be doing this time is ALL papers, a complete digitise. I just don’t want to keep anything physical unless I really, really have to (birth certificates and such).

      I would love to one day get to a level where I could pack a hard drive and have access to all papers, movies, music, photos and video… And papers are one of those steps 😀

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  2. It’s also tax time here in the U.S. and I can say as an accountant, I swim in paper! I am thankful for those that operate on a paperless system. – Mrs. FE

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