Paper and paper clutter!


Now that the great cooktop debacle is over, I want to talk to you about paper.

I’m not talking about things like wrapping paper or nice little pristine notebooks waiting to be filled.

No, I’m talking about all the paper we tend to hold on to. The paper “clutter” that seems to be everywhere.

Stuff like old tax returns, pay slips, bills, manuals, scraps of paper with notes on, receiptsm magazine and newspaper tear outs, insurance papers, financial statements, health info and notebooks filled with random notes.

Off course, some paper we need to keep, but those tend to easily get lost in the pile of paper we really don’t need to hold on to.

Just about everyone I know, have way to much paper floating around. And I for one, want that to be over, once and for all.

It’s time to tackle the paper monster, hanging around in the house.

You might remember I tried this back in May. My intention was to scan all the important ones, and then get rid of it all.

Now as you probably gathered from lack of posts about that particular task, I never succeeded.

I sorted some, and even scanned some, and then I had to tuck it all away because of visitors. And you know how that goes. Out of sight out of mind! Yeah, that particular project never made it out of the cabinets again… until now!

I really do want this stuff gone! So I’m giving it another try, but this time I’m doing it in a way that might help me actually get there.

You might remember my 21 day declutter challenge in September! Which turned out to be a pretty successful project, mostly because of you guys.

I’m thinking maybe a new challenge is the way to go, to get my pile under control, a 21 day paper challenge.

I might try to tackle the project by topic, but topic or not. There are a few steps that will be the same, regardless of what pile I’m attacking.


I will sort papers into what I need to keep, should keep, and want to keep. The rest? Goes into the toss pile.

All papers in the keep pile will be scanned.
When a piece of paper has been scanned, and checked that it looks OK, a new evaluation is needed.
Do I need to keep this as a physical copy or can it be tossed now that it’s scanned?

As I scan along, I will end up with a few documents I will need to keep physical copies off, like for example birth-certificates, ID cards, passports, vehicle title, active mortgage documents and so on. There are more, of course, but we will get to that.

The physical keepers, I will categorize and file into binders.

As I sort, scan and file my paper, I will end up with quite a lot of paper in the toss pile. All this will be shredded, then tossed.

I’m super careful with anything that might have my name, bank details, credit card details, health information or anything else on, that might say things about me. I do not want to set myself up for identity theft, therefore I shred all personal papers leaving the house.

21 day, sound like a long time.. will it take you that long? 

I have no idea. My experience from earlier tells me that the scanning part will be what takes the longest. And from a health point of view, I want to spend as little time in front of the computer as I can.

Right now, there are piles and piles of paper to go through. Sadly as most of it has been sorted several times before, and I believe most of the papers I have.. are the scan-able ones… ouch 😦

Will I get it done, in 21 days?

I’m certain I will get it done (cocky I know).. but if I don’t… at least I’m going to be a heck of a lot closer, than I am today 😉

Do you have a pile pile from hell, that needs some work? Why not join me and we can tackle the paper monster together.

Not everyone will be scanning, I’m sure, but there might still be work to be done, with sorting, filing and shredding.

I would love the company 🙂  

20 thoughts on “Paper and paper clutter!

  1. Hmmm, my paper monster that I tamed, ok, pushed back somewhat! during our Declutterathon is once again rearing its ugly head! I don’t have a scanner at home, but my Sweet Friend does, so I’m thinking he will let me use it.
    So, I’m in, but same deal as before, only promising 15 min a day!
    When are you starting? Do I have time to make up a graphic? lol

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    1. Hey, 15 minutes a day might be all you need 🙂 I know for a fact (since there is a lot of scanning to do) that WILL need my 60 minutes and then some 😦 But hopefully at the end of it all, I will be back to one ring binder (like I had a zillion years ago) and everything else sorted nicely on my computer.

      You have time for a graphic… I’m probably not starting until tomorrow.. maybe 😉

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    1. I know.. that scanning pile is a monster. I completely get whey you won’t commit. I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t too.. right about now 😉 If you had seen the mess.. you would understand 😉

      I can’t wait to all this is done once and for all!!!!! Then it’s just the upkeep I have to think about.. and in today’s “everything is on the internet” days.. it shouldn’t be to difficult. I hope…

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      1. I have found it easier to deal with the little piles now versus the huge piles before. John is wonderful at shredding. I put it in our shred pile and it disappears! Now the shred pile is a manila folder. He shreds about once a week now and it takes no time!


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