21:xx – A DO OVER!

do-overWe are at day XX of our 21 day challenge, and I seriously want a DO OVER!

Who could have predicted I would be running into weeks of more than average hellish migraine when I started this challenge? Well I for one, did not! Had I known, I would have postponed this challenge until January or something.

There was a moment a few days ago that I thought I had turned a corner, well… that was… until I had a shoulder/neck treatment which knocked me for a loop, and sadly not in a good way 😦

I should really be used to this by now, I have after all been nurturing hanging out with a 24/7 headache the last 6 years… still… when I get these rounds of elevated strength migraines, they completely knock my socks off, over and over again (seriously, if you tripped and fell… your inn for a super soft landing with all the socks lying around).

All I can do is hang on for dear life… and spend my days “nicely” tucked in a cocoon. You know, eat my pills, sleep a lot, sit there quietly and do nothing, absolutely nothing 😢 except maybe watch TV and possibly read 5 minutes here and there, but outside of that… nothing!

I get so little done that my house hasn’t even seen the vacuum machine for ages! Eh… well… that’s not strictly true as I’m sitting here looking at it as we speak, so we have SEEN it. Lately the rubble in my house has been getting so bad, I’ve been considering rock climbing classes just to get to my front door. Maybe it’s time, to make the vacuum earn it’s keep 😉

Beside contemplating cleaning my house, there has been next to no energy to tackle things like.. say…. my paper monster.

This migraine has seriously stopped my paper declutter challenge, dead in the tracks!

And it’s making me want a



I know it’s not really all that fair, to everyone else, who has already been working hard at it, me chickening out this way. But I’m thinking maybe I have a legitimate excuse?

So this is what I’ve been thinking. I’m not going to do a complete do-over, starting from scratch. But I am slowing everything down, so much so, that I will only be counting the days I am actually getting something done. Which means that since I have done absolutely nothing since day 11, my next one will be day 12 (as opposed to day 19 or 20 or whatever we would be at in real life).

I’m sorry, I’m messing this up like this! I could off course throw in the towel right away, but I don’t really want to have to do that, which is why I’m changing things up, to see if that makes it possible for me to complete this challenge.

I hope you all don’t mind to much!


And everyone else, how is that going? 

– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, is on day 2 of her Paper Purgathon
– Viv, at GriefHappens, said she needed to be on this “like an over-sugared kid in a bouncy house”, and are joining with 30 minutes a day 🙂
– Jena, at All Round Better me,  is easing into this.. slowly 😉
– Amy, at More time than money, joining with 60 minutes a week
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, joining too
– Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, has gone through some of her papers as well.. but is staying far away from the scanning part (and I don’t blame her..)
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is working hard on the living room and front porch, and are filling bags of paper as she finds them, she might be with us now that Thanksgiving is over… sorting out some of the bags she has collected.

Still sitting on the fence
– Gilly, at Anything Except Housework is no longer on the fence. She had to withdraw from this challenge. She is now full time care giver for her dad, and mum, after an operation. We’re here for moral support, Gilly!


8 thoughts on “21:xx – A DO OVER!

  1. Why would anyone mind?
    And if they do . . . &%$# ’em!

    Life comes at us fast.
    Sometimes it throws curve balls that knock us for a loop.
    The trick is to do EXACTLY what you are doing . . . get up and “start all over again” (or, in your case, start mid-way through the challenge).

    I did smile at this: “Who could have predicted I would be running into weeks of more than average hellish migraine when I started this challenge?”

    This sounds like JUST the sort of challenge to create an Epic migraine.
    Just saying.

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    1. LOL, you are right! I think we jinxed it, Nancy… my epic migraine? Just got worse (if that’s even possible) :-/ Oh well.. Christmas is coming up soon, and that headache better be gone.. if not, it’s gonna be in real trouble 😉 So I’m taking a time out, just hanging around relaxing. Paper challenge? Well, there is plenty of time for that later 🙂

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  2. Oh no – that is awful for you! Headaches are bad enough, but migraine is unbearable. I get them occasionally and as you say, you can’t do anything. My goodness, if you live with a permanent headache and then get regular migraines, that is a raw deal! I feel very sorry for myself when I get mine ☹️. Hope you feel better soon! And the paper declutter? Not important when it comes to your health. My mum is doing really well – thanks for asking. She is home from hospital now and we are looking after her and my dad. VERY tiring! I could write a very funny book about lifexat the moment if only I had time! One day.

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    1. I’m happy your mum is doing well. I’m sure it’s not easy for you trying to look after them both.. just make sure you have a moment or two for yourself, to recuperate. We don’t want you to run ragged and get yourself into trouble too… You and your family are in my thoughts. Big hug


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