A stepladder’s revenge!

We’ve had beautiful weather the last few days, I mean seriously gorgeous weather, nice and warm, like 25-26 degrees C in the shade.

So you know the whole nation of Norway (OK, maybe just the people on the south-west coast), is out and about, rather than sitting cooped up inside.

It makes perfect sense to me to use these warm days getting stuff done in the respective gardens, and yesterday it was my stepmoms allotment that was being worked. B (being the nice guy he is) handled the cutting of the grass, while I was working my fingers to the bone, cutting a large hedge, with an electric hedge trimmer.

It was all going pretty well, I was down to the last  few yards, when suddenly the stepladder I was on, decided it had had enough of it all.

I had gotten up on top of it and was leaning in with my hands on my hedge trimmer to start working on the top of the hedge, when the ladder decided to just take off with me on top. It fell outwards and I had no choice but to follow (as I did have my feet firmly planted on the top step).

And I crashed… hard!  Mostly on top of the darn thing! And let me tell you, that stepladder have some sharp edges 😦   All I remember is hitting the ground hard on my right shoulder, enough that I needed to catch my breath (a few minutes), before I managed to scrape myself off the ground.

I decided to call it a night, there was no way I was going to tempt fate getting back up and finish that hedge. That particular decision might have had something to do with the fact I was bleeding all over the place, from scrapes on my leg and shoulder, and I needed to clean that stuff off.

I’m not one to run of to the doctors prematurely, but it didn’t take me long to realise that my shoulder needed to be checked out, as I could no longer lift my arm. So off to the emergency room we went. 4 hours,  x-rays, one tetanus shot and 3 doctors later, I was declared OK. No broken bones 🙂  Just a severely internally bruised shoulder (leg, hip and neck).

I’ve been told it might take up to 3 weeks before it’s healed 😦

Which is quite a bummer, as friends from abroad came in this morning and we had been planning to go on hikes in the area (which demands a bit of climbing.. read: use my shoulder). I have garden plans, like clearing up plants and painting the garden brick wall. And not to forget I have my little scanning project.

I know that computer work is going to be out of the question the next few days (one hand typing), so guess what! Yepp, you are right, there won’t be a lot of sensible stuff out on this blog for a little while. I might post a picture or two, depending on what my friends and I are up to.. but actual words! Probably not… much 😉

2016-05-12 08.10.44

Yepp… that would be me!

Pretty, ain’t it?

35 thoughts on “A stepladder’s revenge!

    1. Thank you, it was (and is) a bit painful, yes… Even though I have to admit, it actually feel a bit worse than it looks (if there is such a thing) 🤕 I’m sure it will pass in no time, and it will be a secret between the stepladder and me nobody but us will know (with the exception of you guys, of course) 😉

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  1. Oh no, Anne!! I’m so glad you went to be checked out! Those scrapes and bruises look horribly painful. Thank God you didn’t impale yourself with the hedge trimmer! Maybe you need to chop up the stepladder as firewood, to teach it as lesson???

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  2. OUCH!

    Take care of yourself, Anne.
    Milk your condition for all its worth.
    Ask others to wait on you, hand and foot.
    And remember that chocolate each day keeps the blues at bay!

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad it wasn’t worse too, it could have gotten much uglier if I had actually had a live hedge trimmer in my hand (I hadn’t started it by the time I fell), or if I had hit more or the stepladder.. I think I was pretty fortunate thinking about it… like blessed really.


    1. I know, gravity is a pain sometimes 😉 I’m absolutely on the mend, thank you 🙂 Even thought I’m a bit of a “scary look” in yellow, black and blue (with a hint of purple in there as well)… it don’t hurt too much.. unless I bump into my “tender” spots 😉


    1. Thank you 🙂 You are absolutely right, I’m done with the black and blue, am now down to the faintly yellow and purple 😉 So hopefully in a few more days.. all the bruises will be gone. Add a few more days to that, and if I’m really, really, really lucky I might be able to sleep for 5 minutes on my right side too 🙂 (the doctor did say it would take a few weeks 😦 ) But hey, I finished the rest of the hedge yesterday.. and this time around the stepladder did behave 😉

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