21.8 – I’m frustrated!

day-8Today have been a frustrating day. I’m doing my 21 day declutter challenge, and I’m finding things left, right and center… Which is great, I know 🙂

But here is where the frustration sets in;

The things are all little things! 

I go through a drawer here, a shelf there, and I find all sorts of little junk. Papers, receipts, pens I no longer need. A cover for spectacles, an empty phone box, a charger, a cable… all that junky stuff that, unless it’s weeded on a regular basis, fills up the place.

It’s wonderful that I manage to get some of that stuff out of the house as well, it’s just not feeding my decluttering desire! It’s not enough for my minimalist heart.

Even though I clear stuff out of individual small storage boxes, drawers and shelves, the drawers/shelves/small storage boxes are still filling my space.

Well, why don’t you get rid of some of the furniture! Or individual storage boxes?

Well, yeah.. I could… but I love my furniture, so I don’t really want to get rid off them (at least for now). My storage cabinets (Ikea, wardrobe cabinets) I can’t remove, they are kind of part of the house.

Now.. the smaller individual boxes, that I could do something about, but doing that means I need to start rearranging stuff. Right now I know where everything is, what box/drawer/shelve it’s on (I’m super organized and have a place for everything). Yeah, I know.. a small problem in the big scheme of things.

My heart want it all empty!!!! Like right now (yeah, I know this is totally unrealistic, I mean, we all need some stuff in a house…)

There are times I think I won’t be satisfied until it’s all gone, and that is definitely going a bit overboard! 😉

My second frustration!

My decluttering challenge is not moving fast enough! Yeah that’s right, the things are not leaving the house in the rate I want!

For excample; I have a pile of clothing sitting in my guestroom, waiting for day 14 or 15 or something. I have a pile of cards I’ve sorted, and I have no idea what day they will fit. I have a box filled with all that junk mentioned above, how do I even begin to figure out, how much they count, or what day they should leave the house?

The story is… I just want the “crap” out of the house… right now… never mind if it’s the day of 8 or 9 items, I want to do day 14, then day 10, then day 21… you know.. write about them as I find them.

Oh well, I started this challenge I guess I should stick to the rules… somewhat 😉

Enough of this ranting… I mean seriously, this is a luxury problem now isn’t it, there are so many that don’t have what they need, and here I am being “pissy” about not getting stuff out-the-door!

On that note… why don’t we get day 8 out of the way 😉

So here we are… 8 random items going out-the-door!


1 jewelry box
1 worn out Ipad cover, pen and spectacles cover (count as 1)
1 Ipad privacy screen
1 fridge wine rack
2 empty boxes
1 CD storage case
1 gym bag

And that concludes day 8!

Sorry for the rant people.. I just needed to get that of my chest 😉

I’m being joined in this challenge by:
– Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, is on day nine already. They just got a sleeper sofa, and decluttered a bit in the process.
– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, she is joining with 15 minutes a day.
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, she has gotten a big box of stuff out of her house.
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, she is on day seven and are at a whopping 273 items, and just gave a lot of it away!


26 thoughts on “21.8 – I’m frustrated!

  1. Lol.. I’m not playing by the rules either. I totally understand the feeling of 8 things not being enough! I had the same frustration with little things today too. They need to go but getting rid of them doesn’t seem to make a dent.

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