21:16-18 We are moving on!

I’m rolling up the last few days of my 21 day declutter challenge, I kinda liked the three day write-up so here is part two 😉


Day 16 – Flower decoration

I used to have a habit of buying single flowers like a single rose or a tulip or two, and I would take that single flower and put it in a vase with a little bit of decoration. To bling it up, so to speak.

Over the years I’ve gotten out of this habit for all sorts of reasons, and I’ve been working on downsizing my flower decorating box since I started this blog. There really isn’t a good reason why I should hold on to it all.

As with everything else, a little here a little there, and eventually I’ll get there and today another handful is ready to leave the house.

Flower decoration pieces
Bunch of ribbons of silver tread – count as 3 as there are three different types of threads
2 rolls of pink and green tread
I bag of small rock
5 small pink/purple bulbs??

= 11 items 


Day 17 – Golf and…

I haven’t been on the golf course (to play) for almost 8 years now. I didn’t play much when I was in the US and within a year from coming home from Houston my health issues started.  You might say I have kinda quit the whole thing. Even so… I’m not quite ready to get rid of my golf clubs (it’s a mental thing.. I’m not ready to give up the idea I one day will be able to get back to swinging some clubs) but hoarding a bunch off goofballs .. well that’s just silly now.

These last few years, I have given away a lot of golf balls to friends (I had a drawer full). But I think it’s time to use that drawer for something else. A week ago, I packed a few balls away in my golf bag, the rest, I took down to my local golf course and offered them to the first person I saw. And yep, you’ve guessed it, she took them all 🙂

20 packs + 5 single (65 golf balls) – count as 25
1 glove
1 golf cap

= 27 items

Day 18 – More sports items

In addition to the golf stuff, I went ahead and cleared that drawer all together of sport items (with the exception of my diving mask and snorkel) and here is the rest of the stuff from the picture above.

2 zumba whatchamacallit
1 bottle of diving glass defogger
1 rock climber talcum bag
1 tube lotion to be used on cycling shorts/pants (no chafing)

= 5  items


In the spirit of keeping this short and simple, this is it for today!

Before I go… here is my yearly tally!

Day 16, 17 and 18 = 43 items, which brings my new grand total for 2017 to 835


14 thoughts on “21:16-18 We are moving on!

  1. Go you! We donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this week including a bowling ball that is too heavy for my shoulder to swing, a bowling ball polisher, an artist’s table, etc. It always feels so good to “let it go.”

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    1. I’m so impressed with how you guys keep at it, even though I know you have done major purges before. I’m still not down to the maintenance stage… even though B claims I will never get there as it seem like the less I have, the less I want to keep. He claims I won’t be happy until it’s all gone, lol (he might not be to far off, though 😉 )

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      1. We keep a box in the closet to collect stuff for Goodwill. When it’s full, out it goes. Especially when bulky items (like bowling balls and tables) are loitering about.

        But, like you, I’m not sure we’ll ever be “done” since the less we have, the less we want.

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  2. While cleaning the kitchen drawers, I found about 5 different corkscrews. I mean really? Why? So I kept the best 2 and donated the rest. 2 weeks later, I received a bunch of stuff that my late mother in law had in her kitchen. More corkscrews! Is it a family obsession?

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