Digital Declutter – January

Happy Valentines, everybody! 

I was thinking it was time to give you an update about how my digital declutter is going. 

It’s taken me a while to post this January status, due to my head playing up again.  When my headaches gets bad, I tend to cut down on my computer time, as hanging around the computer makes it worse.  Which means I pretty much haven’t been on my computer, since… yep, you’ve guessed it, since last time you heard from me.

I had all these elaborate plans for showing you pictures of before and after for each bullet below… but for the sake of getting this post out there, I’m going to take a cue from John and Barb, at Decluttering the stuff and just write it all out.

      • E-mails – I’ve got a ton of emails to go through (thousands of emails) as I have a bunch of e-mail backup files (more on this later). For now however I’m just going to be digging into one of my everyday accounts, my main account. I started out with 2065, and are now at 1630. That’s 2065 minus 1630 = 435 e-mails decluttered.


      • Bookmarks – Deleting bookmarks turned out to be a bit of a pain –
        I started out with almost 3000 bookmarks! I chipped away at it a little every day, and after a good week I was down on the 1200 level – and then – a hiccup!
        Something went wrong with a synchronization between iCloud, Google and Internet Explorer.. and suddenly I had 3332 bookmarks in my Favourites folder. Noooooo!!! Guess who had to start over 😦
        Thankfully I remembered some of the major deletes, so within a short time I was down to a more manageable number to chip away at.Today I’ve got 1375 bookmarks sitting nicely in my Favourites folder. So I guess that makes 3000 minus 1375 = 1625 bookmarks decluttered  (decluttered twice.. mind you 😉 )


I have to admit, it’s been kinda fun cleaning up old bookmarks. It’s been fun, because the bookmarks shows where my interest and focus has been. I’ve been roaming through topics like cars, IT user equipment, minimalist wallets, DIY sheds, house stuff (for when I was building my house), travel, golf ++ just to mention a few. It’s almost like looking at old photos.. it takes you down memory line 😉

So here you have it – total decluttered =2060 digital “items”

14 thoughts on “Digital Declutter – January

  1. Glad you’re making headway. And thanks for sharing your BEFORE numbers . . .
    I’ve been whittling down bookmarks too. I’m down to 55 (from 87). 😀

    Hope your head starts to behave!!!

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    1. Oh, how I look forward to the day I have 87 😆 I could hardly believe how many bookmarks I had when they were all consolidated… then again, it was a culmination of bookmarks since early days… and I’ve had computers for almost 30 years… so guess I shouldn’t really have been too surprised 😉 thankfully a few was work related that I no longer have access to, so those were easy deletes 😄

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    1. A lot was like you say, to sites that was now gone… or pages on a site that was no longer there. I too was excited to return to some of them… and actually on three of them I recreated the link to a working link.. but yeah.. at a point I was hoping for broken links as it helped deleting them 😉

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  2. I have just started with my emails. I have something like 6,000. I often miss something because it just falls into the sea of emails I already have. I have a lot of bookmarks, and I know several can go, but I think the email task will take me long enough! Thanks for this eye-opener!

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    1. I know what you mean… I have thousands, and thousands and thousands… of emails that I NEED to go through.

      I’ve just started.. and I have already deleted around 8500 emails… as much as that sounds… unfortunately is just a tiny, tiny part of what I need to go through 😓

      I wish you luck with your digital declutter… I’m sure you’ll have this sorted in no time at all 😀👍

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    1. Yeah, emails are one of those things that easily grows like weeds 🤨 I’m currently working my way through some monster email backup files… I’m sure by the time I’m done, I will have deleted in the tens of thousands…. 😆 and that will be just a tiny part of what I’ll be cleaning up this year 😂


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