Eye candy! 

A couple of days ago, I visited one of my favorite places in town, Selvåg garden center.
You can probably see why its a favorite of mine 😀


Off course… being in heaven like this.. I just had to bring a little of it with me home 🙂

I love roses and this container was just waiting for a punch of color

And this yellow one, has been a staple on my patio the last few years. It get super large, and the color pops…
which I kinda need because in a short week or so, the Rhododendron are all done for the year…

I’ve also been looking for a large container, and when I came across this rust colored one, I just couldn’t help myself 🙂

And remember my awesome find last year? It’s the next one on my list.
So stay tuned for my next plant installment 😉

The streets of Stavanger – my home town!

Back in 2014 a group of people decided to make a video from my hometown, with the help of a drone.

Today I was reminded of this video through a “memory” on facebook, and I thought I would share this quick peak of Stavanger, with you.

The footage is taken early in the morning (sun is coming up) which is why the streets are really empty.

Here it is – the video of “Stavangergatene”!

Enjoy 🙂