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21:03 – The trial and error of scanning!

day-03Here we are at day three of our 21 day challenge, and I guess it’s time for a quick update on how this is going.

As I have sorted through my papers over and over again the last couple of years, I find that most everything I’ve collected is stuff I need and want to scan, which means there are a lot, a lot of scanning to do 😦

I bought a new printer earlier this year, mostly for the sake of having a proper scanning device.  This particular printer will scan double sided documents as well as single sided ones, and as it has a automatic document feeder it will do bulk scanning.

So how is this printer/scanner working out?

After a bit of trial and error, I have found that I need to be a little careful about putting to many pages in the document feeder at a time. The automatic document feeder can hold 30 pages, but unless the the paper is completely prisine, I have found that everything runs just a little smoother if I don’t fill it to the top of it’s capasity.

I’ve also found that it sometimes, mind you not all the time, but sometimes, is a bit temperamental when it comes to paper quality. Curled corners, tear or two, or mixed sized paper, does not always seem to agree with the scanner. This has resultet in me having to do a few re-scans to get everything right.

I am finally starting to get the hang of it, and I now know a bit more about how to proceed, to get things running more smoothly. Hopefully this will speed up the process, because, until now, it’s been a bit slow going for my pacience :-/

When I scan my documents, I mostly use the scan to PDF function on my printer. I alternate between duplex or single side scanning, all depending on what’s in the document. Now unfortunately I can’t mix the two in one session, so I have to decide up front what I want.

As I do not yet have any good software for editing my pdf files, I have to be a bit “crafty” when I scan my documents.

If there is only one or two double sided page(s), within a large document, I will copy the “second” page, add it to the pile and scan everything as single sided pages. If there are more double sided pages than single sided, I will scan everything as double sided, and just live with the blank pages in the file.

If you guys have any experience with a good, and cheap, PDF editing software. Please let me know, so I can check it out. And if I come accross one, that doen’t cost an arm and a leg, I will off course let you know.

Now that we have talked about the scanner, is there any progress on that pile?

Well as you can see from the picture below, my work-space is a mess (yes, that’s my dining room table 😉 ), the piles are still all over my livingroom floor, and my pile of done and scanned stuff, is only about 6 inches high.. even thought I am working on it, as we speak 😉



My next post 

After a comment from tigerofmyheart, on her already having a bag ready to go, but no shredder in sight. I was thinking about doing a small piece on the importance of shredding your papers. On why, how and where you can have this done for you.

Stay tuned.. that’s what’s next on this page!



There is a saying “The more the merrier”, and so far there are a few of us who will be attacking the paper piles. And I for one, can’t wait to see what stacks we all will shed!

– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, is joining with about 15 minutes a day
– Viv, at GriefHappens, said she needed to be on this “like an over-sugared kid in a bouncy house”, and are joining with 30 minutes a day 🙂
– Jena, at All Round Better me,  is in for 60 minutes a week
– Amy, at More time than money, also joining with 60 minutes a week
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, just told me she is joining, woohoo

Sitting on the fence
– Gilly, at Anything Except Housework is waiting to see if we survive it all 😉
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is hard at work on her front porch, and haven’t quuuuite decided yet 😉

Anyone else want to jump in? Let me know, and I’ll ad you to the list 🙂



Epson XP-860 – My new printer/scanner!

I got my hands on a printer/scanner a few days ago, and I’ve have checked it out some… so far it seems to do what I want.

I have a pretty good photo printer from before, so for me to go out and buy a new “printer”, this product had to tick a few boxes.

  • It had to do duplex scans – for my paper monster project
  • It had to do good quality photo prints – for when I create photo albums
  • It had to be Wi-Fi  – for me to be able to print from pc/Ipad/phone
  • It would be nice if it did duplex prints – I have info that needs to be printed on a regular basis
  • It would be nice if it would scan wirelessly to my computer – saves me from having to use cable
  • It would be nice if I could print on CD/DVD’s – don’t use this feature much anymore, but…

I looked long and hard, and it turns out it’s not that easy to find a small home product that will do automatic duplex scans, and have a document feeder that can take several documents in one go. They do a lot of office related machines, but they are often bigger, more expensive, and don’t do really good photo prints (which was a big thing for me.. as I do print a few photos now and then).

I found that for home use it seems like HP, Epson and Canon have a couple of products (that will do both duplex and decent photo prints). I’ve always used Canon before, but I find the newer models not as sleek as they used to be (they need more flat space for placement), and I decided on Epson this time around.

I bought the Epson Expression Photo XP-860, which covers all the items on my wish list, and Epson are supposed to be good on photo printing and it gets pretty good reviews, so it’s worth a try…

If I’m not happy? Not a problem, as I can return it! They have brilliant return policies on a lot of electronic shops here in Norway 🙂

And if I’m happy? Then it’s a keeper, and my old one will be an item “out-the-door” – given away to a printer needing person 🙂


Expression Photo XP-860

So, guess there is no excuse anymore! I have a scanner, now I just need to get going with my sorting, shredding, scanning and archiving 🙂

Stay tuned.. you know I’ll keep you updated 😉