A shiny sink…

Walking downstairs this morning, I realised what a state my place is in. Since I got home from London almost a week ago, all I’ve done is work, sleep, eat and work in my yard.

I realised looking at the mess in my house, that what I’ve been doing the whole week is drop thing all over, in my “haste” of getting to other things. Rather than putting things away where it belong, right away (like a good girl should). And boy, in a small place it looks messy real quick!

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I’ve gotten out of my habit of doing a 5-10 minute room “rescue” every night, before I go to bed. So that I can wake up to a nice place the next morning.

Years, and I mean years ago (2003?), I came across Marla Cilley’s Flylady webpage. At that time it was a small webpage, helping people get their house and “life” in order, with tools such as BabySteps of shining your sink, 27 fling boogies, 15 minute declutter, 5 minute room rescues, cleaning your house in zones (one zone a week), with daily focus areas. Today the webpage have expanded to include all sorts of resources, tips, hints, Flylady TV/radio and even a shop!

With the help of this webpage I got into pretty good habits of:

  • Shining my sink (short version; the concept is to wipe down the sink, every time its used. It stays cleaner, and it discourage you filling up the sink with “junk” + a shiny sink is a good start for a clean uncluttered space)
  • 5 minute room rescues – daily
  • Cleaning – using a 10 minute interval “rule” (using a timer)

Through the years, I’ve been on again, off again, this habit. And now it seems like I’ve fallen off the wagon one more time 😦 (with the exception of a a shiny bathroom sink).

So today, I’ll be putting my timer to work, 10 minute intervals, in every room 🙂 I bet you when it comes down to it, it will only take me an hour (or two), and then my house is back up to snuff 😉


NB. If you decide to sign up on Flylady, be selective of what you sign up for. It’s easy to get email overload! When I signed up in 2003 the choices was one mail a day or one a week! Somewhere along the way, they changed their system, and I got overwhelmed with several emails daily. After changing to the “Flylady Lite” list, I still got +/- 50 emails a month! So now I’m sadly unsubscribed.


PS. This was not really what I was planing to write about today (until that walk down the stairs), funny how that works! I was going to tell you about an outing in London! Oh, well, guess that will just have to wait… right now I’ve gotta find my timer 😉


18 thoughts on “A shiny sink…

  1. It’s easy for our STUFF to shift about when we aren’t looking . . . creating an oasis of calm in the center of chaos does wonders.

    Enjoy your interval cleaning.


  2. Sounds like good rules to follow. Once this renovation thing is over (kitchen, and last room, on Monday, YAY!!) I am hoping to get my stuff together. Right now we’re moving things from one room to another and it’s a hot mess, truly! But! The walls! Ahhhh! Whiiiite everywhere! *doin’ happy dance* 😉


    1. I can see how decorating creates a hot mess 😉 been there, done that! But I’m sure it’s worth it to get your walls freshened with a liveable colour 😉 hang in there, it’s almost done…


  3. Ha, my house is in a similar state right now and I am feeling the same thing. I like the Fly Lady a lot. I am glad you reminded me about her. I haven’t stopped by her site in awhile. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to England. 🙂


    1. So I’m not alone, good to know 😉 yes Flylady have a good concept. But I have to admit, I haven’t stopped by her site either for a long time (except yesterday while writing the post).

      I got to admit, I’m kinda looking forward to “hear” about my London trip too 🙂 it’s funny, I never really know what I’ll write about until I sit down to do it, you have no idea about how many of my post come out totally different than what I was planning! Go figure!! 🙂


    1. I haven’t really been on her site for years (except for the link here), but I don’t think there is anything to be terified about. She has some great stuff stashed around here site. I know I picked up on a few things back in the day, that I still use at times.. like the shiny sink prisiple 🙂

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          1. Yeah, here in Fl too! We are flip flop people! Too easy to kick off at the door! I really gotta go to bed! But I wanna keep talking! So I’ll whine a little. ” I doan wanna go bed!!” kicks, and stomps feet


    1. I don’t ever go through her routine to clean the sink, as I have my own. But the thing I did pick up from this was to wipe off the sinks with a dry cloth, after you’ve used them. And I have found, that when I’m good at doing that (and I fall off this waggon sll the time) the sinks (and area around them) stays cleaner for much longer, and I don’t have to go into albow grease mode, all that very often 😉

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