Hand over!

Not much going on with our London trip today.

I spent the morning wrapping up a huge clock, that I bough here in London over Christmas, that I’m bringing back with me to Norway this trip. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.

Today though, I’ve handed over a couple of my dad’s things to my brother. Items I’ve been holding for him at my house in Norway.

So what went “out-the-door” today:

1 wooden box, not sure where my dad got it, if it was from his travels or if it’s from grandfathers.

1 keg, made by our great grandfather or grandfather (not sure which).

The only way I could get the keg with me, was to break it down to its individual pieces.

Turns out 1 keg = 31 pieces as you can see from the pictures below…

My dearest brother said he won’t need any help to put it back together again, I wish him luck 😉


10 thoughts on “Hand over!

    1. I did offer to help him out 😉 I know exactly how to put it back together again (after all, I did pull it appart). I think he thought this be a fun puzzle 🙂 it’s not really that difficult, I marked everything! As my brothers wife said “oh my, she IKEA’d your keg” 🙂 🙂


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