May tally!

Well there it is, the month of May is over, and it’s time for my monthly tally.

If I may say so, I think the month of May have gone pretty OK when it comes to declutter items. Even though I had a week completely under the weather, and a week in London with more sightseeing than decluttering 🙂

Let’s see what this month have amounted to on the declutter scale:

MAY TALLY of things “out-the-door” =  126 items 

53 – items when running amok in my guest room

  • 9 snuggles (stuffed animals and bean babies)
  • 1 empty computer box
  • 1 empty camera lens filter box
  • 1 PC “desk” to use in your lap
  • 5 clothes storage “bags”
  • 1 decorative plate
  • 6 space bags
  • 5 books
  • 3 small paper pamphlets
  • 6 Christmas decoration items
  • 1 hanging shoe holder
  • 2 eagle creek travel gear pieces
  • 1 camera bag
  • 1 dirty linen basket
  • 1 decorative “garland”
  • 1 gym “bag”
  • 1 space saver set
  • 1 travel journal
  • 2 bathroom mats
  • 1 shoulder strap for a bag I no longer have
  • 1 bag of sticky carpet felt (to use under carpets to make them not slide)
  • 1 hanging bag for cloths

54 – items from my closet cleanup

  • 8 shorts – surf shorts and regular shorts
  • 1 swim top
  • 1 bikini bottom
  • 2 knee length pants
  • 1 bicycle t-shirt
  • 1 pair of indoor “shoes”
  • 4 office shirts
  • 3 sweater
  • 1 knitted hat
  • 1 fleece buff
  • 2 regular buffs
  • 1 scarf Stockings – a bunch (counted as 1)
  • 1 par of socks
  • 3 of my dad’s ties
  • 12 unused unmentionables
  • 5 pairs of jeans – 2 worn, 3 unused (but sadly to small)
  • 1 pair of office pants
  • 1 top
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 knitted jacket
  • 1 pair of insoles
  • 1 belt

1 pair of very high heeled shoes 😉
16 paperbacks
1 wooden box – and
1 keg/barrel – my brothers – as posted from London

And that’s it. The out-the-door tally for MAY 🙂

Not to shabby…

2014-06-02 20.46.37

12 thoughts on “May tally!

  1. Very nicely done! I actually finished the minimalist game on day 26, but not because I didn’t have stuff left to get rid of, but rather I didn’t have time to count and write them down. Not a bad reason to quit, except I don’t like that I did quit 🙂 anyhoooo, great job!


    1. I understand both the not having time and the hating to quit… I struggle with these two as well 🙂 I’m still pretty impressed you lasting as long as you did…


    1. Thank you, yes I got a little surprised when I tallied it up, I’m hoping I’ll manage to get more things out in June, even though it will be harder, you see… Now, it’s garden time 😉


  2. I am impressed & I wish I had your willpower. I find it hard to “let go” of some items & there is no good reason to hold onto them – except 1. They may come in handy some time because I hate throwing away good stuff that can be reused (hence my blog);
    2. There is usually a strong memory behind the item.
    I am going to follow you lead for inspiration and strength.
    Best regards, Glenda


    1. Yes, it is really hard to let things go at times. I’ve struggled with both #1 and 2 over the years. I used to save a lot of things “just in case” I needed it, or it could come in handy, but living in a smallish space, it quickly added up and ate up my space and I would start feeling cramped. So I started using an my own declutter system where I use an allowance box as part of my system to test “do I really need/use the stuff within an allotted time?” If not, it has to go!

      I also run into my thriftiness “getting in my way of decluttering” a lot if times. I ended up writing a post about it:

      I have to say, my decluttering “project” is a journey. As I move forward I change my perspective of what’s important to keep. I’ve had some aha moments along the way, and I think I’m finding a decent balance between what to keep for later to be reused, what I need, what to keep for sentimental reason and so on…

      I wish you luck with your process 🙂


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