Happy midsummer eve…

It’s midsummer eve bonfire night in my neighbourhood. Every year we have a bonfire around June 23.

We have a a big bonfire and a band.

This time of year the days are just about the longest we have, and since the bonfire really is for the kids they tend to light the fire around 7 pm even though it’s not dark yet (don’t’ really get dark until after midnight).

It’s fun, listening to the kids having fun, laughter, screams, kids running around and a whole lot of sound from the music they are playing 😉

Just wanted to share some pictures of the bonfire this year!







9 thoughts on “Happy midsummer eve…

    1. Yes, it’s kinda nice, when everyone gathers around the fire. Only thing sad, it that it also represent longest day of the year, and from now the days get shorter and shorter (even though it still light outside until almost midnight 😉 )


  1. Bonfires are such a nice old tradition for midsummer. Unfortunately,around here nobody knows the tradition. I only see bonfires in the fall around October. ;( Thanks for sharing!


  2. We all love a fire, especially a big one. Something nice and primitive about a fire. Never forget that scene of Kevin Costner dancing around that fire in “Dances With Wolves.” 🙂


    1. Great reminder if the film, you are right about the fire. It’s easy to get “lost” in the fire and feel the body relax and go back to “the centre” 🙂


  3. I was like – hey, midsummer was LAST week, until I realized that it might differ between our countries 😉 we have bonfires the last day of April, such a nice way to start spring 🙂


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