21:03 – Bagorama!

2017-21-day-3It’s day three of this years first 21 day declutter challenge.

And today it’s time for bags and backpacks.

You know how some people loves and collects purses? Uhu.. that’s not quite my cup of tea.

What isย me, you’re asking?

I think I can clearly state, I’m a backpack kinda girl.

I’ve always been partial to backpacks, laptop bags, hip bags, travel bags and sport bags.

I’m not saying I don’t own any purses, because I do ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I am saying is you’ll be finding more bags than purses in my home.

Well, that was, until today ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, I cut my “collection” almost in half.

I bet you are expecting to see this huge pile of bags on the floor, now, aren’t you?

Sorry.. have to disappoint you!

Since I have been downsizing my bag “collection” a bit the last few years (at least 22 out-the-door), this pile is relatively small.

Even so, I just about cut my current collection in half.

What I’m left with?
8 bags; backpacks, gym sack, duffel bag, laptop bag and shoulder bag.

Leaving the house?ย 


1 Eddie Bauer laptop backpack
1 30 liter backpack
1 Crumpler laptop bag
2 gym sacks
1 Camelbak runners hip-pack
1 Eagle Creek waterproof hip-pack
2 suitcase straps
7 bags and 2 travel related items out-the-door


21.18 – A loft cleanup!

day-18We’re at day 18 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

Since I got on a bit of a roll yesterday, getting slightly bigger items out of the house, I figured why not continue on, with the “high real estate” items as opposed to all the teenzy weenzy items ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, where in the world would I hide some of these slightly bigger items?

Well… why not try my “loft”?

Now I’ve gotta explain, I don’t actually have a loft… what I have is a small storage area built over my IKEA storage cabinets, just to utilize the space up to the ceiling.. pretty much a built in “loft”/storage area/”room” whatever you want to call it.

Since it’s right up to the ceiling there isn’t much height to store things.. but it fits a suitcase, a few boxes, my stored away golf set++

Even though it is kinda tiny, I still managed to find a few items tucked away up there:

18ย 20 pieces going out-the-door!


7 empty boxes that I had kept just in case…
1 cane that used to hang in my office… joke from ways back
1 bag that held my guest bed matress topper
4 backpack buckle replacement pieces
2 paper bags I have kept forever – you might guess why.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
1 sleeping bag
1 sleeping bag liner
1 travel bag for a full golf bag set
2 waterproof bags

I’m being joined in this challenge by:
– Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, joined for 14 days.ย Her total count? 146 (so far) ๐Ÿ™‚
– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, is shredding paper… hmmm good idea..I really could need to do this.
– Grace, atย The CFO MOM Blog, had a wonderful weekend, and decluttered some stuff.
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is on day 17, she is just shy of 650 items. I can’t believe it…

21.2 – I’m a bag lady!

day 2We’re at day 2 of my 21 day declutter challenge.

Over the years I’ve been a bit of a bag and backpack person. Purses not so much, but suitcases, backpacks and messenger bags.. yep that would be me.

Now.. you can only use one bag at the time, they say.. and they would be almost right (I often use two when I travel), so even thought I have downsized some, I still have a few left. And that’s OK.

BUT holding on to old worn out ones.. well that’s just no point now, is it?

So here we are… two bags going out-the-door!21 - day 2


I’m being joined in this challenge by:
– Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, she’s on day three already
– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, she is hilarious.. seems like I have a land now? She is joining with 15 minutes a day.
– Grace, atย The CFO MOM Blog
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, she is planning on beating my numbers by far ๐Ÿ™‚


UK a packing sum up!ย 

About a month ago I had a trip to England with my friend B, where we were trying out the somewhat “minimalistic packing” routine. Yeah it wasn’t all that minimalistic, but we did each manage on hand luggage only, even including bringing stuff for my mum and brother (Norwegian chocolate is a big thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So how did I do with what I packed? Well, as I suspected I did over pack somewhat, but not as badly as I thought I had done. Since the weather was a mix of everything between one evening of lounging in shorts in the garden, to crashing rain and cold weather, I used almost everything in my bag with the exception of a couple of tops, and a scarf. I have however found a couple of ways to streamline, so that next time, I will bring even less for a short week in UK (except next time might be Christmas, and we all know that is dress up time in mums house… hmmm… that might put a dent into my light packing plans..).

Did I lean anything from my trip? Yes Actually that would be a resounding YES.

I found that I loved how easy it was to navigate with a small wheeled carry on, how easy it was to roll it through the streets to get to the London underground, how easy it was to lift and carry when there was no other options, how easy it was to find space for it on the train and on the plane. It was so easy I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to big suitcases, it was that easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did have one more revelation!

After having meandered around in London for a couple days, I came to the conclusion that the less you drag around with you, an easier time you have (yeah, big shocker, I know ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Every time I’m out and about on travel, I carry stuff with me in a handbag or small backpack. Having issues with my shoulders, I made B drag the backpack around this time. And what a relief, not really having to carry ANYTHING!!!

I do realize that it’s futile to think that I will be able to continue to never carry stuff around, as I’m THAT person who always need a bottle of water at hand, a small bag with my medication (just in case) and when there is no safe at the hotel, have to keep my passport with me. But, having had a couple of days in London where I was not the designated backpack carrier this time around, I’ve realized I need to re-evaluate, how much I really NEED to lug around.

When we were out and about, I kept my wallet and phone in my jeans pockets. Passport, medication, water, rain jacket, small camera ++ was in the backpack B carried. I quickly started to feel like a nuisance when we were wandering the streets of London, as I was forever digging into the backpack. ย To get a bottle of water, sunglasses, dig out the camera, and stuff all that crap back in, over and over again.

So I’ve realized that, for the times I wear clothing that don’t have “huge” pockets, I need a small (very small) cross body purse/bag, that is just big enough to hold on (temporary basis) things like water, wallet, phone, sunglasses and a small camera.

Even though I’m trying to only buy necessities this year, I think there might be a small purse purchase in my near future, if I can find the perfect bag that is. It needs to be light, have a good strap and I would prefer, good internal organization. ย I would love if it was possible to clip to my belt loops so I wouldn’t really need to carry it cross body, to save my shoulders, but guess that might be a tall order (unless I find someone who can make it for me).

I love the look of this little Cath Kidstonย bag, and this one atย Tom Bihnย seem to have some nifty solutions, but since I tend to like to see/touch the product before I buy, I was hoping to find something a little closer to home.

If you have any suggestions on geat little bags to use for travel, oh, yeah, and what to carry in it. I sure could need a little help ๐Ÿ˜‰

Conclusion! Never use a big bag again, if I can avoid it. Now goal! To downsize even more ๐Ÿ˜‰

August tally

So let’s see, did I ever get anything out-the-door during the month of August?

Well yes, actually I did! Even though I’m still doing pretty poorly according to my intentions ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Remember; I did have a day earlier in August, where I got a few things out-the-door. And I tackled my “junk” drawer. And the last day of the month, a white tornado went through my house and I ended up with another pile of stuff that will be going out of the house over the next few days. Since that pile is still pretty much sitting here.. they won’t count much on August tally, but hopefully on September they will ๐Ÿ˜‰

So lets see, what did August actually amount to?

AUGUST TALLY of things “out-the-door” = ย  45 items

24 – items on my day getting back on my declutter wagon

  • 1 jacket
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 thermal underwear top
  • 6 T-shirt
  • 2 pairs of knitted wool socks
  • 1 BIG piece of silk – bought in Malaysia in 1995, intending to have a dress made…. like that ever happened!
  • 1 clutch
  • 1 bed sheet that don’t fit any of my beds…?
  • 1 pair of boots – they seemed like a good idea when I got them, but they’ve never been used…
  • 1 book – Thor Heyerdal, the adventurer
  • 2 software CDs never used
  • 4 empty DVD boxes (count as 1)
  • 1 pair of sandals – never used, what was I thinking with those heels!
  • 1 plastic serving tray (broken)
  • 1 almanac – 2010
  • 1 shirt – dads – and
  • 1 cardigan – dads – they won’t ever get used and it’s been almost 1,5 years, it’s time to let them go!

Bunch of items – while clearing my junk drawerย – (count as 4)

  • 1 wallet (worn out)
  • 1 flash-light (broken)
  • Several outdoor pieces (never used, and never will be used) – count as 1
  • Loads of paper/menus/business cards ++ – count as 1

In addition I finally cleared out some of my toiletries, that I talked about like forever ago in Thriftiness getting in the way of declutteringย – I gave most of it to mum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1 big box of hairspray
  • 1 box of night cream
  • 1 bottle of toner
  • 1 bottle of serum
  • 1 small bag of miscellaneous make-up/trial creams/++
  • 1 bottle of massage oil (it was so old it went into the trash)
  • Bunch of other stuff – count as 1
  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle of conditioner

And a few things from my “white tornado” day have actually made it out-the-door ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1 Backpack (a friend of mine, way more sporty than me – took this one, and cover and Adidas bag)
  • 1 travel cover for backpack
  • 1 Adidas bag
  • 1 sports bag
  • 3 pc bags
  • 1 weight lift bar (given to a friend, who hopefully will use this more that I ever did ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So that’s it, for the month of August – 45 items. Not to shabby after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

20140905-120023.jpgย 20140905-120112.jpg